If you’re considering whether dental implants are right for you, we urge you to call and schedule a visit at Dental Care of Germantown. During a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Amechi Echetebu, you can learn more about dental implant placement in Germantown, Tennessee, as well as the restoration and recovery involved with implants.

We are proud to provide both dental implant placement and restoration in office. Dr. Amechi Echetebu can surgically place the implant post with an expert hand. The implant post will replace the root of your tooth. Our dentist will then guide you through the healing process, providing instruction and answering any questions that you have.

Once your jaw has healed and the implant post has fused with the surrounding bone, a dental restoration (like a dental crown or bridge) will be placed. This restoration will replace the visible portion of your tooth. Your complete dental implant can restore the function and beauty of your smile.

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Dental implants are used as effective replacements for both the root and the crown of any teeth that are missing from your mouth. There are two parts of the implant, the post and the restoration. Your tooth’s root is replaced by the implant post. The goal of the post is to be an anchor for the restoration and to help keep your bone tissue healthy by stimulating the jawbone. The restoration is the part that replaces the crown of your missing tooth. It could be a single crown, a dental bridge or even an entire denture.

The first step to receiving your dental implants will be an implant placement surgery. During this surgery, the implant post will be placed in your jawbone. Once the implant post has been placed, you will undergo a healing period where you will give it the time to integrate into your jawbone. Once you have recovered from your surgery; you will work with our dentists to choose and create the restoration that fulfill your needs. This restoration will attach to the post and complete your treatment.

The intention for dental implants is that they will be a permanent and easy-to-maintain replacement for missing teeth. And dental implants can last you a lifetime if you make sure to brush and floss them daily and attend regular appointments to your dentist.

Candidates for implant dentistry include anyone who has lost teeth. If your gums and remaining teeth are healthy then you should be able to receive dental implants without much difficulty. Pre-existing conditions like tooth decay or gum disease must be treated before you can get implants.

Please contact our office today if you have any questions about dental implants or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our dentist. We are excited to meet you and help you get a healthy smile.