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Germantown dentist can help you understand how sleep apnea is treated and the treatments available

Germantown dentist can help you understand how sleep apnea is treated and the treatments available

Is snoring affecting your sleep quality? Are you having problems sleeping because of the number of times you feel your own snoring wakes you up? Are you living with someone who keeps you awake with their snores? Sleep apnea might be the root of the problem. This condition often goes undiagnosed and can have serious health implications. Dental Care of Germantown, located in Germantown, TN, can help you determine if sleep apnea is the problem and provides excellent treatment, once diagnosed.

What sleep apnea is:

People suffering from sleep apnea are struggling to breathe every night as they sleep. When someone with obstructive sleep apnea falls asleep, the soft tissue at the back of their throat collapses. This causes a partial or full obstruction of the airway. This leads to oxygen deprivation, which causes the person to partially wake up to resume breathing. This cycle repeats itself multiple times a night.

Some treatments available for sleep apnea:

  • Positive airway pressure devices: The most popular one is the CPAP machine. The treatment involves wearing a mask that fits snugly over the nose. It supplies a continuous stream of air throughout the night. This air pressure keeps the airway open.
  • Mandibular repositioning oral appliances: These custom-fit appliances keep the tongue pressed down and position the jaw forward during sleep. This helps airflow to continue unabated into your lungs as you sleep.

Benefits of oral appliance therapy:

  • Silent: Many people don’t like the CPAP machine due to the noise that it makes throughout the night. The oral device merely fits comfortably into your mouth, no machine, so therefore is silent at night.
  • Portable: The CPAP machine is bulky and hard to travel with. This means many people leave it at home while vacationing. An oral appliance is small and easily fits into a purse or carry-on bag, making it convenient for travel.
  • Easy to care for: Because the CPAP is a machine with multiple parts, sometimes the maintenance and cleaning can feel like a chore. An oral appliance is easily cleaned, just like a sports mouth guard.

Enhance your sleep quality. Eliminate the snores. Embrace a well-rested you. Call today for your appointment. (901) 472-7474.

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