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Endodontics saves teeth in Germantown

Endodontics is the area of dentistry that treats problems with dental pulp inside a tooth. You know the most common endodontic procedure as “a root canal,” a term that might cause you to cringe. In reality, root canal therapy relieves pain from an infected tooth, and is often the only way to avoid extraction. Germantown dentists, Dr. Don Walley and Dr. Amechi Echetebu, share this information to put you at ease with endodontics.

When root canal therapy is needed

The crown of a tooth is covered with a hard layer of enamel. Underneath is dentin, giving the tooth structure. At the center is a pulp chamber filled with tissue, blood supply, and nerves that extend deep into roots through canals. When a tooth is compromised by trauma or untreated decay, bacteria penetrate to the pulp, creating infection and pressure that inflames nerves. You may initially have no symptoms, an intermittent toothache, or sudden abscess with acute pain and facial swelling.

Non-traumatic procedure

First priority is getting you out of discomfort, possibly with antibiotics and pain medication. Nitrous oxide, oral, and IV sedation are also options. Then:

  • Your mouth is numbed, bringing instant relief
  • The tooth is opened, relieving pressure.
  • Damaged structure is removed.
  • The source of pain – the nerve – along with pulp, infection, and bacteria are eliminated.
  • Canals are sanitized and sealed.
  • The tooth is protected with an interim restoration.
  • You return in a few weeks to have a protective porcelain crown placed.

Specialized techniques

Root canal therapy has been around for a while, but endodontic techniques are continually evolving. The dentists at Dental Care of Germantown stay abreast of these changes for the benefit of their patients. For example, their laser technique reduces chair time, improves comfort, and aids in thorough sterilization of root canals.

Pulp capping is a preventive technique that protects pulp, exposed or nearly exposed, during repair of tooth decay, from bacterial invasion. It can avoid a sensitive filling or a future root canal procedure.

Dental Care of Germantown hopes you never need endodontics, but if you do, you can count on prompt care from the team you know and trust. Call (901) 472-7474.


They Helped My Son "My son, a patient of Dr. Walley, had been in severe pain all weekend from his tooth. First thing on a MONDAY morning I called and they took him right in. They immediately made his pain better and explained what was going on and what the next steps should be..."
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