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Understanding dental crowns as restorations in the Germantown, TN area

Understanding dental crowns as restorations in the Germantown, TN area

It is important for patients in the Germantown, TN area who are interested in restorations to have a better understanding of how they are used in achieving healthy, fully functioning smiles. Our dentists at Dental Care of Germantown can help their patients learn more about how dental crowns work in the smile.

Dental crowns explained

Dental crowns are restorations made of porcelain that are fabricated to bond over the top of a tooth to offer an extra layer of strength and protection. These restorations are used in a number of ways:

  • A dental crown can be used to cover a natural tooth that has a large filling or has been treated with root canal therapy, which can make the structure brittle
  • Dental crowns can be fused to a false tooth called a pontic to fabricate a dental bridge
  • A dental crown can cover a misshapen tooth for cosmetic improvement

Dental crowns are incredibly versatile and can be used on any of the teeth within the smile to enhance appearance or strengthen the natural tooth enamel to protect it from damage.

How is a dental crown made?

The process of obtaining a dental crown starts with a consultation appointment, during which a dentist will determine if patients can benefit from placement. Then, a portion of the tooth enamel is filed down, allowing the dentist to take impressions of the tooth to send to a dental laboratory. A ceramist creates the crown to the dentist’s recommendations in shape, color, and size. Then, patients return to the dental practice for cementing their dental crown in place.

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Dental crowns are an important restoration used in dentistry for a variety of reasons. Our team encourages patients to learn more about this restoration and decide if it is right for them. The practice is located at 7730 Wolf River Boulevard, Suite 104 and can be reached at (901) 472-7474 for an appointment.

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