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Relax! Germantown dentists offer gentle sedation

You probably know people with obvious oral problems. Quite possibly, they avoid professional care due to dental anxiety. Dr. Don Walley and his team at Dental Care of Germantown help fearful patients get the care they need with a variety of sedation options.

Solutions for the anxious patient

  • Nitrous oxide – Commonly known as laughing gas, this sedative agent is blended with oxygen and inhaled. The calming effect is immediate and wears off as soon as the flow of gas is halted. This light sedation is safe even for children.
  • Oral conscious sedation – A pill taken before your appointment relieves anxiety. You will be drowsy afterward, so a ride to and from the dental office is necessary.

Surprising benefits of sedation dentistry

In addition to those with dental anxiety, sedation can be beneficial for the patient who has an active gag reflex that impedes treatment, or a physical or emotional disability that makes it difficult to stay seated for the duration of an appointment. You may choose sedation for convenience – to have some extensive or multiple procedures completed in one visit, minimizing travel and missed work time.

As anxiety centers in your brain calm under the influence of sedation, your body also relaxes. You stop unconsciously “fighting” the dentist. That allows him to complete work more efficiently, and reduces jaw, neck, and back strain for you. Reduced tissue trauma also speeds healing.

It is time to get your oral health back on track, and the team at Dental Care of Germantown is here to help with gentle options in sedation. Call (901) 472-7474.


They Helped My Son "My son, a patient of Dr. Walley, had been in severe pain all weekend from his tooth. First thing on a MONDAY morning I called and they took him right in. They immediately made his pain better and explained what was going on and what the next steps should be..."
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