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Children’s Dentistry

Germantown dentists welcome adults and children

Patients of all ages are welcome at Dental Care of Germantown in Germantown, TN and the office really comes alive when we greet our youngest guests. From the reception desk to the treatment room, our children’s dentists and support team make it a priority to create positive experiences that start little patients on a lifetime path to dental wellness.

Setting the stage

To younger patients, the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office can be intimidating. We recommend acclimating your child to the idea of dental care by:

  • Setting a good example, maintaining regular appointments for yourself, with an upbeat attitude emphasizing how good it feels to a have clean, healthy mouth.
  • Practicing home hygiene with your little one. Begin by wiping baby’s gums with a clean, moist washcloth. Progress to brushing for baby with a small, soft toothbrush and tiny dab of mild toothpaste. As your child’s motor skills develop, let him or her take over brushing, but supervise to be sure teeth are clean. Kids usually need assistance flossing until at least age ten.
  • Begin bringing your child to Dental Care of Germantown for regular checkups at an early age. This gives the child a chance to get used to sitting in the chair and having his or her mouth touched. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about nutrition, pacifiers, baby bottle tooth decay, and concerns about oral development.

Benefits of family dentistry

We take extra time with youthful patients, using the child’s name and speaking directly to him or her. With a lighthearted, interactive approach, we do our best to make dental visits fun for the child and low-stress for caregivers.

By starting professional care with a family dentist, there is no need to switch practices when your child reaches adolescence or adulthood. We are eager to provide treatment for life. This level of familiarity is especially comforting during extended procedures. Plus, we offer nitrous oxide sedation, safe for children, to ease anxiety.

Dental Care of Germantown is happy to schedule multiple family members together, to simplify busy schedules. Call (901) 472-7474 to schedule your children’s appointment with one of our dentists.


They Helped My Son "My son, a patient of Dr. Walley, had been in severe pain all weekend from his tooth. First thing on a MONDAY morning I called and they took him right in. They immediately made his pain better and explained what was going on and what the next steps should be..."
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